You may want to live your life differently to how you are today. Create positive change. Break some habits that are holding you stuck. You might want to lose weight, change career or be happier in your relationship or life in general.


It can be scary. Maybe you don’t know what you want. Or just knowing where to start – and to keep going – can be hard.


Life has a tendency to get in the way. It looks like everyone else finds it easier that you. You may wonder why they manage when you don’t. Wonder where you’re going wrong.


But no matter how many times you’ve tried in the past or how confused you feel about where to start right now, or even what it is you’re meant to do with it all, it’s all within your reach and you CAN do it too.


No matter what sort of life change, body transformation or new levels of happiness you aim for, it’s all there for you and if anyone else has been able to do it, so can you.

It all starts with you. You don’t need anything or anyone else. But tapping into this inner strength, clarity and courage can be hard. What we already know and feel familiar with wants to hold us where we are, do what we’ve always done, stick to what we know has worked in the past.

Sometimes we think that we’re changing our ways and still nothing happens. We can feel stuck. Unable to change. But it’s all an illusion. And when you take the full responsibility to be open and to see change happen, that’s when things start to slide into place and positive change becomes natural and effortless.

Whether you want to lose weight, change your career or improve your relationship, it’s not through forceful goal setting or being hard on yourself that you will achieve these dreams. It’s by knowing yourself, understanding all you’re capable of and allowing your natural personal power to integrate all areas of your life.

I help you see how to break old patterns, how to adjust your diet, how to get active and fit. I help you gain clarity on what you want to do and to see how to go about getting there. And especially if you have had some hard knocks along the way, I help you to see just how to use these experiences to bounce back bigger, stronger and better than you would ever have been without them.

Life happens right now. And it is what we make it. We hold what it takes to create the experience that allows us to thrive, be gorgeous, be healthy and happy.

Contact me today and let me help you see just how easy it is to create powerful, positive change in your life – no matter what your current circumstances may be.

In many ways you have all you could ever want in your life but it feels like something is missing…

You don’t feel complete.

Things get stuck.

You set goals but you don’t achieve them.

You decide to lose the same 5kgs year after year. Only to reach year end and find that instead you GAINED another few kgs.

You can’t find the solution.

You don’t quite understand what’s keeping you stuck.

Especially because so many other parts of your life are flowing well.

You’ve always been very capable.

And you feel that you really should be able to master these elements too.


Maybe you were knocked down by a few harsh life events too. I know all about what that’s like. I lost a parent as a child. I found myself on my own with three children in mid-life. I have been in financially very tight situations and moments of extreme insecurity. But it taught me to turn around the situations I didn’t like and turn them into new ones that help me thrive.

That’s what you can do with any kind of adversity, big or small. That’s how you step into the person you truly are and start living the life that YOU long to live. The life that is defined by who you are, the resonates and fulfils you and that helps you to make the mark in the world that you desire to make.

I believe that adversity happens to help us. Life’s hard events are here to helps us see who we truly are and to make us step up, become who we really are, understand our own values and beliefs and dare to pursue the dreams we previously might not even have found the courage to voice.

I believe that you deserve to live a truly amazing life. And you have all you need to do it right now too. Whatever that means to you. That’s my mission and what I can help you do because I can help you look at yourself in a totally new way and see all the opportunities you have in this moment in time.

““Working with Dorte has already had a huge impact on my life. She’s made me think about making small conscious changes to make me a fitter, healthier and more positive person.

I’ve tried a number of diets in the past and nothing has ever worked for me until now. I am beginning to realise how my body functions and what it needs to change. She’s made me write things down and focus on a few things at a time so in fact it doesn’t seem like a chore, it’s more like an exciting, new challenge.

I love the fact that she’s not far away if I need her and her support and encouragement is endless.

Thank you Dorte!””


“I have been lucky enough to work with Dorte and her approach and ‘model’ brings fast results. She asks the tough questions but always with a solution that works for you. Her 6th sense is normally exactly what you need.

I am sure this new group concept will help many others share ideas, challenges and celebrate inevitable success of reaching your goals.

I especially love how Dorte makes her programs ‘personal’, she has helped me considerably with organizing my busy (and unpredictable life) to have travel snacks, in-room exercises and many techniques to really stay on track.

Join the programme it WILL make a difference and give you a summer that leaves you feeling healthier and ‘fabulous’.”




Where will you be, how will you feel in one year if you don’t take action today. And in 10 years? You won’t feel better in yourself without taking action. But if you act now, you can build the future you want to have. It will not happen by itself and what you do today, builds the foundation for how you feel later on in your life.


I’m Dorte. I’m a writer, speaker, coach and mentor.

I work with clients who are ready to step up, take charge of their lives, their health and their bodies and to live the life they dream of.

I help them define what that life looks like – not least if their life has gone through major change recently or if they feel stuck.

I help them to get super healthy, be slim and beautiful and more than anything, to find true happiness, energy and focus to live as who they truly are.

Kick-Start a healthier way of life!

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