There was a time when I would set goals and not meet them.

My life was good overall, but not brilliant.

I felt pretty but not gorgeous.

I did all I could to be slim, but the weight never went down low enough.

I worked really hard, but didn’t achieve much.

I was happy but not always fulfilled.

And I knew I wanted more.

I wanted a lot more.

I wanted to live a life that I loved, in a body that I loved and doing all the things that I love.

And that’s what I help other women do too.

Welcome! I’m Dorte, and I help my clients feel great in themselves, get unstuck, turn challenges into opportunities and to live lives that make them feel happy and fulfilled. 


And I truly believe that I was born under a lucky star. In fact I think that we all are. I always felt that life was full of possibility and I was mostly brave enough to pursue it. But my life has not always been easy. Very far from. I lost a parent at a young age, lived through tumultuous family times, I’ve seen challenging financial moments, and even found myself suddenly a single mother of three in mid-life.

Life is full of ups an downs and our challenge is to ride those waves in a way that lifts us up and helps us be who we truly are, living the way that truly makes us happy.

Adversity feels uncomfortable. But being uncomfortable also means growth. And growth is what helps us to move forward to bigger and better and happier.

The elements at the core of my philosophy are based on integrity, personal power, healthy body and mind and possibility. We all hold so much potential and have the ability to thrive. And we can do this when we take full responsibility for who we are how we live our live every day.

Using healthy habits, thought awareness, positivity and general mind-set, we can channel our life and energy in the direction we want it. We can optimise our best talents and improve where we feel weaker until we reach a life in balance and feeling fully empowered to do what makes us happy.

For so long I lived in the shadow of myself. Doing things to please others, or because it was what I’d been told was right. I spent my time looking after and caring for others. It felt wonderful in so many ways but it also deprived me (and the rest of the world) of who I truly am. It made me shrivel and fade and one day I no longer felt like me. I didn’t recognise the woman in the mirror. She wasn’t the one I remembered seeing from when I was young and ambitious but a faded version of someone I once used to be.

I had given my power away and had lost my direction. I was not in touch with what truly made me happy and I did not know how to fully tap into my own power and strength. 

This is the most common of situations. I see it all around me and I have met so many friends and clients and colleagues over time who shared my experience.

It can be hard because it often comes with a feeling of ungratefulness. That we have so much to be happy for that we shouldn’t want anything to be different.

But the truth is that longing to live truly as who you are is only a gift to the world. It does not mean doing or being any less for others, it only means that you allow yourself to truly be you and add your own personal energy to all you do. And that is so much more inspiring to everyone around. That’s the example you want to set to your children and the way to truly live YOUR life. The life that fulfils you and makes you happy.

That’s where you find immense power, energy and clarity and where you can be the best version of yourself – in body, mind and spirit.

ABOUT MY BACKGROUND: I’m a certified nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, Infinite Possibilities and Play the Matrix trainer, Best Year Yet Official Partner as well as a mother of three girls, entrepreneur and I bring with me some 15 years of managerial experience in international business before setting up on my own. And I use my International Masters Degree in Management on a daily basis in the running of and development of my own business too.

I’m a writer, a speaker, coach and mentor. I work with clients who are ready to step up, take charge of their lives, their health and their bodies and to live the life they dream of. I help them define what that life looks like – not least if their life has gone through major change recently or if they feel stuck – I help them to be super healthy, slim and beautiful, to tap into what matters to them, find the courage to poursue it and more than anything, to find true happiness.

I love all things healthy, being active and looking after myself on all levels. Because I know just how important that is to being all of me, all of who I want to be and to feeling my best every day. In all of my life’s roles and activities.

It’s not about what we do.

(You already know what you should be doing)

It’s not about time.

(We’re all busy.)

It’s about clarity, focus, inner motivation and the right attitude. It’s about getting out of your head and simply start taking action. It’s about moving from thinking to doing.

And that’s where I come in.

Health & Weight loss

For a long time, I struggled feeling good in myself. I have always been a healthy person. For as long as I can remember I had a keen interest in healthy eating, exercise and other lifestyle elements that allow us to live healthy lives. And for about as long as I can remember, I was unhappy with my body shape. I wanted to be taller and leaner, naturally slimmer than I was or ever could be and it set me off in the wrong direction, spending much too much time being unhappy with myself, hard on myself and controlling all I did.

The worst thing you can do when you want to achieve change I your life and in particular if you want to lose weight is to be hard on and controlling of yourself. That’s why diets don’t work and why most people who do diets either have no results or end up putting it all back on. Well it’s not the only reason but it’s a big one.

Eventually I changed my complete approach to health and to weight loss. I stopped counting calories and tracking my runs and I started to embrace health and a slim body as a part of who I was, not something I did to achieve a certain shape, weight or look. And that was when I finally achieved it all.

I now help other women, usually women who have tried everything and nothing works, or women who used to be slim but middle age has changed how their body works and now they are piling on weight that just won’t come off again. I love this transformative work and to help other women feel great in themselves too.

Life Change & Transformation To Live your Best Year Yet 

Change is a process based on clarity, deep beliefs, habits and courage. And it can be hard to create enough momentum to truly free ourselves from the status quo. The now and the comfort of what we know has a huge pull, whether we like it or not. It is what we know and are comfortable with and the reason why instinctively, that’s exactly where we want to stay. It’s safe and it’s familiar. 

Change means facing the unfamiliar. Change towards a healthier body has a very positive and clear upside. But your brain will be associating this upside not only with the positives, but also with a lot of aspects that it is not yet familiar with and which it will for that reason try to resist. Will it mean no longer enjoying good meals with my partner? Will I have to give up wine and pizza for life? Do I need to go to the gym a lot? Every time you meet little life obstacles or decide to create change, your brain will quickly and subtly dip into those fears of the unknown and maybe just enough to make you lose your determination to stick to your plans.

Sometimes change is necessary. We’re stuck, unhappy, unhealthy or unfulfilled. And we know that that time is right to move to a different stage of life.

But it can be hard to see what that change should be and how to make it happen. That’s where I come in. I help you to achieve clarity, to find courage and to create the new outlook and behaviour that allows you to propel forward.



Bouncing Back

I suddenly and unexpectedly found myself on my own in my mid-forties. It was a huge shock. It was far from the first challenging moment I had experienced, but I had sort of reached a stage in my life where things felt good and stable and I was happy. And then I had to say good bye to so many things I felt deeply attached to and that I had never thought I would need to let go.

But life happens. Although the temptation may be to look for guarantees and tie down the elements that we enjoy, the truth is that life is full of ebbs and flows. And there is nothing we can do to change that.

But we can change how we react to those ebbs and flows. And we can learn more about ourselves and what we may have done to attract elements of the ebbs and flows, thereby allowing us, in the future, to choose to make different choices and to find different experiences.

When caught up in a difficult moment, it is easy to feel drowned by feelings of despair or sadness. But hard times become an opportunity to find out who you truly are and how strong you are. Often the hard times are when we remember just how resilient we actually are and all that we are capable of. It can also be times of extreme clarity. Clarity around what matters to us and in our lives. It becomes a time of growth and realignment to what makes us happy.

And that’s why adversity is such an opportunity for growth. An opportunity to lean into the challenge, embrace the uncomfortable, truly understanding yourself and to learn to be brave, true and courageous in the way you approach all things in life.

Clarity, mind-set and crucially also how you look after yourself are essential building blocks of this work and how I help other women and men to also take charge of the difficult times and make them into defining moments of positive change. Bad times are always here for us to create good times.



Self-Development and Leadership 

Being an entrepreneur or self-employed is not easy. And even thriving in today’s world as an ambitious employee and happy individual requires constant growth and development.

I am a self-growth junkie myself. I devour books, courses and attend as many seminars and events as I can fit in. Because I have seen the impact it has on how I live my life and how happy I feel. The world is an ever changing place and to thrive we need so much more than knowledge.

We need to evolve, to grow, to understand ourselves and the world around us and we need to develop our own ability to act and react.

Truly successful people understand that they are the drivers of their own life and happiness. And that the drive is a life-long dance of meeting opportunities and challenges with equal amounts of energy and enthusiasm while navigating the fear and resistance it may produce. Everything in life happens FOR us, to give us a chance to experience a full life and make that life all that we long for it to be.

To do this, almost effortlessly, you need the right tools and skillsets. Which you can get through the right mix of courses, books, events such as the ones I can offer you (at a very special rate too) and other self-development work and tools.

Don’t wait. The rest of your life starts today, and when you’re truly aligned with your truths and what matters to you, while allowing yourself to keep on growing and being open to new, this become an amazing journey of self-discovery and positive experiences.


Then today, I went to her house. I know that the angels have been scattering feathers for me and i am learning about putting my force field up and down, but this… Now all of us know that the magic powder can wear off and our coach turns back into a pumpkin. She made me realise though I am not Cinderella, I am just fine without the handsome Prince and the must be ungodly uncomfortable glass heels. I could go on and on here, but in just two interactions with her, I realised it is okay to want what I want and to actually act like the person that I know I am inside. So I am starting today.

So needless to say, I am signing up for her course, and I am strongly, strongly, strongly encouraging you to do the same. I originally looked at it for exercise and nutrition so that I could care for my body, now I know that it is going to help me approach myself in different, better ways.


I'm ready to create change!

I want to know more!

The main reason someone moves mountains, wins friends, influences people, amasses a fortune, or anything else… is because they thought they would.

– Mike Dooley

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