Imagine a small group of like-minded women gathered in a sumptuous and luxurious venue in the heart of the French Alps, surrounded by fresh air and astounding natural beauty, being pampered with healthy food, delicious wines and champagne, sports, yoga, meditation and beauty treatments.

Three days of workshops, activities, exercises and talks. Experience life to the full and be inspired to dream big, see possibilities, and learn how to envision and enact a vibrant, healthy and inspired life. The life that meets all of your personal dreams.

The total immersion into inspiring as well as practical activities and exercises all designed to open your mind to possibility, while in a setting that encourages your sub-conscious mind to open to new ways, The Retreat will allow you to reach un-seen levels of invigoration and inspiration. You leave The Retreat ready to implement a truly inspired, desired, fulfilling as well as healthy life. You leave full of energy, inspiration and with a portfolio of new practical tools.




In May in the French Alps

NEW: Join The Retreat 3 days Friday 19th – Sunday 21st May!

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EARLY BIRD PRICE (for Friday 19th – Sunday 21st May attendance): 

EUR1300 (instead of EUR1600)

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Do you ever get the feeling that your life isn’t quite as complete and fulfilling as you’d like it to be even if you generally feel happy. Maybe you lack a feeling of purpose, you can’t seem to find and focus on one direction or you just don’t feel as vibrant and energetic as you used to and as you’d like to feel again. Or maybe you’ve reached a new life stage and feel ready to step up to your next level. Or simply feel a desire to create positive change.

This happened to me too. I had a clear feeling that something more was possible for me. I felt sometimes, that life was passing me by and I struggled to get properly back in the game. I struggled to feel that I truly knew why I was here and what I wanted to do with my time. It wasn’t that I was unhappy. Very far from. In fact, in so many ways, I was living an amazing life full of so many things to be thankful for and overall all I’d ever dreamt of. But I knew that I was meant to do more. I knew that there were possibilities out there for me that I was missing and that I still had so much to discover and learn.

I was too absorbed in my daily life to be able to free my mind to see everything that I was capable of. And it wasn’t until I carved out this time for me, started to spend more time on me and on my personal growth, more time doing physical activities and spending more time in nature, running, walking and just being me, that I started to allow the real me to emerge and to get a voice.

I needed the distance and the space to be me. But I also needed some inspiring input. I needed to understand the tools and ways to put words and concepts to the ‘life truths’ that I had felt all along but that I hadn’t been fully able to define or act on. Many of these tools started to emerge for me when I started to work using Mike Dooley’s methods and when I learnt to apply his teachings in my own life.

Suddenly, I started to see my life unfold in completely new ways. Things that hadn’t been possible before, became my new reality. I started to feel like the strong, empowered and inspired person I always knew I was meant to be. I started to feel like ME.

These teachings are the initial inspiration behind The Retreat.


The Retreat is a 3-day immersion in all things dream life, health, vibrancy and possibility.

It’s a full immersion into the world of possibility through the daily workshops taking you through the Infinite possibilities course, daily runs, yoga and walks in the most stunning nature. Exercises and ateliers designed to equip you with the tools you need to put these new learnings into action in your own life. So that you can create your own dream life, based on happiness, health, and life purpose.

We dive deep into the Infinite Possibilities course work with talks and exercises in the workbook. We create vision boards and set goals and targets. Special work sessions teach you the ins and outs of healthy eating as well as eating for a vibrant and slim body. You have the option to take part in morning runs before breakfast and yoga and meditation sessions during the day to help you feel full of energy, centered and focused on making the most of the workshop and far beyond.

When you leave you will feel not only great in your body but also equipped with all you need to continue this new lifestyle in your own home and daily settings.


The setting for The Retreat is a stunning 200+ years old renovated farmhouse, an authentic Haute Savoie chalet which provides an incredibly warm and welcoming frame for the activities. Participants are housed in comfortable (shared unless otherwise requested) bedrooms in the separate apartment and all activities take place in the Chalet itself. The chalet provides the base for all activities, including dinners and other meals allowing the group to have time to socialise and rest as well as work sessions and activities.

The chalet is set in the heart of the French Alps in the picturesque village of Sixt-Fer-A-Cheval which is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Sixt-Fer-A-Cheval is located at the end of the Giffre Valley and is one of the Plus Beaux Villages de France. It hosts both the famous and stunning Cirque du Fer à Cheval but also many other natural attractions. Waterfalls including the Cascade du Rouget, named “Queen of the Alps” and a nature reserve covers most of the district’s geographical area. Its architectural heritage is exemplified by the priory and church stemming from the former Sixt Abbey, founded by Ponce de Faucigny. .

During The Retreat there will be possibility to enjoy walks to places of extraordinary natural beauty and enjoy the splendour of these sites. Weather permitting, you will be able to take your afternoon ‘goûter’ (snack) with you to enjoy as a mini picnic or if you prefer to focus on the walking, you can enjoy the ‘goûter’ in the calm of the chalet before your walk.

Evenings are informal social time and will be spent together as group enjoying a delicious dinner with good local wine and French champagne in the stunning setting of the chalet dining area.

The formal as well as the informal sessions will allow you to reflect on how you are currently living your life and the changes you would like to implement to feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

Give your dreams a chance to come to life.

EARLY BIRD PRICE (for Friday 19th – Sunday 21st May attendance): 

EUR1300 (instead of EUR1600)

Request the day-by-day programme, images and more detailed information here:

15 + 3 =


We’ll be staying in the heart of the French Alps in a small and quaint village in the Haute Savoie, set in the most stunning backdrop of dramatic mountains and natural reserves.

We have two renovated chalets to our use. One for the running of the retreat as well as social events and one for accommodation.

We’ll be a small group, women only.

The entire retreat is set out to make the most of both the stunning setting and fresh mountain air, the vibrant mix of people – both participants and coaches – and a full programme of inspiring workshops. We top this off with some outdoor activities in the local area, yoga and meditation to make space also for calm and to allow it all to seep in, good food and French wines in great company at night and just he right mix of formal workshops and informal relaxation.

It’s a programme that will allow you to both reflect on life, your goals and your health and to recharge and set your mind for focus on what makes a difference to how you feel.

We kick off every day with an optional run (or a walk if you prefer), followed by a yoga and meditation session. We eat all meals at the chalet, breakfast and lunch are simple self-service meals, dinner is prepared for us by our private chef in ‘inter-active’ sessions to give you the opportunity to leave inspired to try new dishes, preparation or ingredients.

The Retreat takes you through the complete Infinite Possibilities course that teaches you the art of living your dreams as well as a healthy living course focused on teaching you how to eat nutritionally best possible for your body, how to make this all happen in a busy life and the tools you need to plan and succeed. Healthy living is essential to reaching your best potential and you’ll learn crucial steps to building a healthy and vibrant life around what works for you.

By the end of The Retreat you’ll have an inspiring framework for living your dream life, a step by step plan for implementing a healthy lifestyle and a clear outlook on how to reach your goals for the near as well as more distant future.



We run workshop sessions every morning and every afternoon.

The workshops cover healthy living, nutrition, time management and making it all happen as well as creative work-shops to help you feel your purpose, your passions and see your life journey more clearly which is mind-blowing when it comes to seeing how to fully take charge of your health and lifestyle. During the retreat we also complete an entire Infinite Possibilities workshop which will completely change the way you see yourself, your life and personal truths and your outlook on yourself and you will see more clearly the possibilities for success and happiness that lie before you. You will learn to find it easy to create the personal and life changes you long for, some of which you may have struggled with creating until now.

In essence you will learn to understand yourself, your own power and how ‘life works’ in a way that allows you to take it back into your hands to create the life you most want to live, containing all the components you desire. You’ll set your clear vision and you will understand the daily steps to take to see it become real. You will learn the Art of Living your Dreams.


When you put a food-loving nutritionist and a professional chef together to plan what to eat, you get a vibrantly healthy, delicious and inspiring menu. That’s what Emma and I have created for The Retreat!
For the entire retreat, you’ll be served inspiring, nutritious and gorgeous food to allow you to discover new ways of eating, enjoying and making the most of ingredients that work for your body, are generally inexpensive to buy, are sustainable and help to both keep you and your family healthy and for you to look and feel your best.
Emma is a professional classically French trained chef who is also passionate about eating well. She herself has been a vegetarian for 31 years and mostly gluten free for 10. When not on The Retreat she works as a private chef to high end clients as well as with athletes and clients with specific dietary needs.
Emma is making sure that we taste deliciously prepared and served food, lots of vegetarian and vegan options too, new taste experiences, inspired ways of serving or putting together ingredients, textures and flavours – and all of course tasting amazing.
She and I share the vision that healthy has to also be DELICIOUS and she’s taken on the challenge of cooking only fresh food that highly nutrtitious while also a delicious feast.
For the entire retreat, she’ll be YOUR personal chef!
And she’s great at inspiring, encouraging and enabling others to take her ideas home  too. To make that even better she and I together, have prepared a collection of The Retreat recipes that you will take home and put into practice along with your personal menu plan and cooking tips. 
It truly is the perfect, most inspiring and easiest way to see how to introduce more and more varied, nutritious food in your life.
All you need to do is to enjoy the taste, the sensations and the benefits to your body.

Here is what some of her previous clients have had to say about her:

“Your menu is outstanding, the kind of nutrition support you only find in pro cycling teams.”  – Garth Fox MSc, Sports Science & Human Performance

“The food is amazing and as ever Emma always comes up with Michelin standard dishes.” – Andy – BlackRock ski Lodge client

“Emma our chef consulted with us on choice of menu and met our gluten Free needs with ease.” – Gillian E, Brisbane

“Our group comprised mostly of devoted triathlete’s, all equally enthusiastic and competitive on the slopes as they are preparing for a race… there is something about all that fresh mountain air that keeps the appetite in over-drive. Enter Chef Emma and her assistant Ben. French cuisine in itself is superb but with Emma’s flair for flavours and presentation, you are in for a gastronomic adventure of a lifetime” – Shannon H, South Africa

“The food was creative, delicious, nutritious and plentiful.” Neil P – BlackRock ski Lodge client


Food is an important part of The Retreat. All food is prepared for you, while inspiring you with new recipes you can take away and repeat but for the duration of The Retreat, all you need is to enjoy the setting, the flavours and the great company. Our chef will join us to inspire with cooking and recipe ideas and you will leave with a collection recipes you can integrate in your own healthy life at home.

Evenings are informal and for socialising, networking and just having a good time in a gorgeous setting. We’ll reflect on the day and enjoy each other’s company.


We’re made to move! During The Retreat, we have made certain to include times for movement. Mornings are started with a short, 30 minute but beautiful run in the (slightly hilly) woods near the chalet to wake us up and get the body ready for the day. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy running or just prefer walking, will be invited to join the morning walk instead.


Every day we’ll have a yoga session in the chalet. This session will focus on allowing your body and mind to absorb all of your new impressions and ideas while giving your body a chance to restore and recharge.


Meditation and visualisations are part of the daily routine too. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular at these activities or not as all activities are adapted to all levels.

And each afternoon, you have the possibility of going for a walk in the local area. There are numerous waterfalls and other beautiful sights to visit and enjoy.

You can of course also chose to relax in the chalet, on the terrace on in the hot tub in the afternoon!

Request the day-by-day programme, images and more detailed information here:

4 + 12 =

How long is The Retreat

The Retreat is Monday to Friday. Pick-up from Geneva Airport at 11am on Monday and drop-off Friday at 5pm. We look after you from pick-up to drop off, but you need to arrange your own transportation to and from Geneva Airport.

Do I need to book my own flights or transportation? And when should I do this?

Yes you need to arrange your own transportation to Geneva Airport to be ready for pick-up Monday at 11am and departure after 5pm on Friday. We recommend that you book this at the same time as booking The Retreat.

What is included in the cost?

Your complete stay is covered from the moment you are picked up from the airport Monday at 11am until you are dropped off again on Friday at 5pm. This covers the all inclusive Retreat, course materials, food and drink, activities and accommodation in shared double rooms (if you want single occupancy, please let us know and this can be arranged at a cost).

When is the last date I can register for The Retreat?

We close registrations when The Retreat is full. We reserve the right to cancel The Retreat in case of unforeseen circumstances (in which case participants would be reimbursed and/or offered an alternative retreat).

Can I join with a friend?

Yes and we’ll be happy to give you an extra discount if you sign up with one or more friends and arrange for accommodation/room share together.

Can I ask to share a room with someone I know?

Yes, assuming your friend is also joining The Retreat. Please simply contact and we’ll be happy to organise for this.

What is the accommodation like?

All the rooms are comfortable double rooms in recently renovated or newly built wooden chalets of very high standard. Full linen and towels is provided as well as toiletries.

What should I bring?

You should pack clothes for walking, running (if you want to join any runs), yoga, including bad/wet weather clothes for walking in nature as we can’t guarantee sunny weather for the entire time. You’ll need proper walking shoes or trainers for walks (and expect them to get muddy). Bring clothes you can layer as weather and temperatures can vary a lot in the mountains. You should pack comfortable and smart casual clothes for the workshops and anything you feel like wearing for dinners at night.  You’ll be given workshop materials but might want to bring a nice pen and workbook.

What are the dates of The Retreat?

The Retreat will take place 15th to 19th May. The autumn retreats runs September 18th to 22nd 2017.

How many people will join The Retreat?

We will be a small group of 7-10 women so we’ll have lot’s of time to interact, network and spend time together.

The programme seems quite intense? Is there no down-time?

Yes the programme is intense because I want you to experience as much as possible in the time we have available. I want you to leave very energised and inspired and the programme is laid out to achieve that. However, if you prefer to have more down-time, there are a number of optional activities that you could leave out (notably the run in the morning and the afternoon walk). Lunch and breakfast are also relaxed and informal and will provide opportunity to have some down-time.